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CPDdoctor is a non-profit organisation seeking to represent the CPD interests of Vocationally registered GPs who are not members of the RACGP or ACRRM
CPDdoctor believes that by acting collectively, VR GPs who are not members of a College can improve their QI&CPD experience
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QI&CPD participant GPs who are not members of the College are levied $700 per annum by RACGP in order to maintain Vocational Registration Status. If one is to presume that members contribute the same amount out of their annual RACGP or ACRRM membership fee, the implied annual budget for GP QI&CPD in Australia is in the region of $17 million, plus whatever fees are raised from the Accredited Activity Providers and from associated activities such as Advertising. The calculation is based on DOH statistics which nominate 24,000 VR GPs during the nominated 2013 to 2014 period. This large but presumed figure just leads to a lot of questions:
  1. Is $17 million to run QI&CPD in Australia an accurate figure? RACGP does not release a separate financial statement relating to QI&CPD program. The assumed figure of $17 million does seem anomalous, given that $23 million is nominated in the RACGP annual report as the total deriving from membership and QI&CPD fees. Again, if the assumption is correct, how is the remaining $6 million spread over the many other activities described in the RACGP annual report, that are not covered by other revenue streams?
  2. What are the actual costs of the QI&CPD Program, besides the said five full time staff members (estimated as being covered by the QI&CPD fees of less than 400 GPs)? The provision of an independent financial statement would answer these questions. Fees levied to the accredited activity providers would also be included in this statement.
  3. Would part of the $17 million allow for the funding of an evidence based review of the efficacy of the QI&CPD Program across the country? Could RACGP work with all stakeholders in this respect?
  4. Is it unreasonable to ask for stakeholders who are not members of the College to have a management role in the QI&CPD Program? Many GPs have resigned from the College, or have been grandfathered onto the College’s QI&CPD Program, yet must continue to pay the annual QI&CPD fee without a management right, unless joining the ACRRM program.
As GPs we are encouraged to behave consistently and transparently, and the QI&CPD Program rightly sets rigorous requirements for both QI&CPD activity providers and participants. Is it unreasonable to request greater financial disclosure by RACGP in relation to its QI&CPD program, particularly given the College’s status as a ‘Charitable Tax Exempt Institution’ and the Program being the sole pathway to VR for non-member GPs?
Michael Daly, President,
CPDdoctor Inc
August 2015